Labels For Phones


Phone labels are stickers mainly containing emergency contact information that is stuck on the frame, cradle, or the receiver of a phones. Phone labels are crucial especially in times of emergency, and can be life saving. Phone labels can be standard, in that they contain emergency contact numbers that are general to the population, for instance the fire department and the police department numbers. Others are personalized phone labels, containing numbers to a doctor or a caretaker. There are several advantages attached to acquiring a phone label for the house or office telephone, personal cell phone or that of a family member.

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Advantages of Phone Labels

Saves Time

During an emergency situation, every second counts and this can amount to determining whether a life is saved or not. Buying a phone label helps save the vital minutes a person would require to search through literature or Internet to get the number. The phone label to buy should be clearly and visibly marked with preferably bright numbers and letters. It is not wise to assume that the person who would be placing that emergency call knows these vital numbers off head. Secondly, in moments of stress, for instance in the case of a fire, a medical emergency, or a security breach, people tend to get confused and recalling things in stressful times might not be easy. Moreover, if it is a child or a young person, they may be tempted to call their caretakers or parents who might not be able to pick up and valuable time wasted. Picking up the phone and immediately the police or fire emergency department number flashes before their eyes may redirect their thought process.

Providing Vital Information

Some phone labels are customized to provide information of the owner such as name, their doctor or next of kin, or a chronic condition they suffer from. In the event of a medical emergency, having information on a condition the affected ails from such as asthma may just be enough to provide immediate response and save them. A child or an elderly person with a labeled mobile phone who wanders off from their residence or from their caretaker is easily traceable as well wishers or authorities are able to contact their guardians immediately.

Enhances Memory

It is important that all members of the family, from the children to the aged, know what to do in cases of emergencies. The police department, fire brigade, and the emergency ambulance are institutions that come to the rescue in desperate moments if reached out in time. Having phone labels with their numbers would help the family members remember these digits as they use the phone and see the emergency contacts over and over. It helps them master the numbers and would remember that in a split second and help save valuable time.

Perfect Giveaways

Phone labels also help store vital information such as the doctor's, the plumber's or the electrician's office. These are places that we need to visit once in a while, and may prove very important when need arises. Thus, having their contacts on a phone label is invaluable as anyone is able to place a call to them.